Project intuition

Intuition as a project success factor

One of the most important tasks of the project manager is making decisions, either large or small. Therefore it is important that he or she is able to identify and control potential risks and minimize uncertainty, because every decision the project manager makes may influence project outcome. Best practices mainly highlight the importance of using […]

Five levels of project maturity: from infant to adult

Growing up can be hard and difficult sometimes. dfive levels of maturity. Each level of maturity shows how advanced an organization is in terms of progressive development of project management approach, strategy and decision-making process. The more mature an organization becomes, the more developed the processes are. You probably want to know how mature your organization […]

Blog juli - recipe for project success

The recipe for project success

Imagine you have to cook a full six course dinner for your friends or family. Starting without a plan is probably not a very good idea, not if you want this project to be a success. Chances are that you will end up with ordering pizza instead, which is not what you want. Good preparation helps […]

project leader

Discover the project leader within you!

You’ve finally got promotion as project manager. After a few months, you know how to properly divide tasks between your project members, control your stakeholders and you manage to meet all deadlines. On paper, everything is going well and you are even complying with everything your boss wants you to do. However, you feel like […]


What House of Cards can Teach Project Managers

Since a couple of months I’m watching Netflix. Kicked out our 20-year old television set, cancelled our regular cable subscription, to only watch series and movies streamed via internet. I can definitely recommend it to everyone! No more watching your favorite series or movies at a time imposed by the cable network – just sit, […]


ROI of PPM: Confront the Brutal Facts!

In the previous blog on the ROI of PPM, we’ve seen that there are basically three reasons to improve Project Portfolio Management: increased focus on strategy execution, reduced project costs and optimized resource management. In the remainder, I’d like to share some benchmarks on the benefits of applying proper project portfolio management. These benchmarks are […]


PRINCE2 as Transformational Methodology

As many others involved in project portfolio management, I’m a regular visitor of the Axelos website. Today, I happened to read a new case study on the use of PRINCE2 for business transformation. The case study describes how Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe introduced and adapted PRINCE2 to further improve its project management capabilities and […]


The ROI of PPM

One of the ‘frequently asked questions’ when organizations are about to embark on a new Project Portfolio Management initiative is ‘what will be the Return on Investment (ROI)?‘. In this first blog of a series of two, I’d like to dive into the (dirty) details of what contributes to the ROI of PPM. ROI question […]


PRINCE2 Agile – More than a marketing hype?

According to Axelos, PRINCE2 Agile™ is the world’s most complete agile project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2®. However, does it really answer a demand in the market or is it just another way to sell books, training and certifications? PRINCE2 Every few years, a […]


Is Project Failure Dependent on Salary?

This week, I happened to read an article (Dutch only) in which a member of the European Court of Auditors (ECA) was quoted. He stated that the failures of many IT projects (managed by the Dutch government) were caused by a salary cap. In the Netherlands, public servants are held to the so-called ‘balkenendenorm’ which is a […]